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Justice Pringle
The deserving student is one who shows integrity, a particular interest and proficiency in the law, and a true spirit of community mindedness.
In 1999 the Norfolk Law Association announced it was sponsoring an annual award to a student of one of the Secondary Schools in Norfolk County in the law program in honour of The Honourable Mr. Justice J. A. Pringle, who was a County Court Judge and subsequently Judge of the Ontario Court (General Division) for Norfolk County from 1973 until his retirement in February, 1999.

All of those in our County involved in the administration of justice are most fortunate to have experienced his fair yet firm approach to judicial matters in our County. Mr. Justice Pringle was the epitome of a gentleman in the courtroom and his consideration for others including court staff, lawyers, jurors and the parties in the litigation process was renowned. He was a firm believer in the rule of law and the proper administration of the democratic process in our country.

Mr. Justice Pringle's talents were not confined to the courtroom and his community service throughout the County was well known including his participation at the Norfolk County Fair on Young Canada Day and numerous local charitable events. Mr. Justice Pringle is a World War II veteran and many have seen him pay his respects on Remembrance Day at the ceremony at the Carillon Tower in Simcoe.

Mr. Justice Pringle took a special interest in the education of both elementary and secondary school children in our area, including ensuring that all classrooms of children who visited the Courthouse were explained the procedures and purposes of the Court in clear and simple terms, yet at the same time, sternly advised as to the dignity the courtroom deserved.

The award is not necessarily intended to be given to the highest mark in the law program. The award was presented for the 1998-99 school term firstly to a student at Port Dover Composite School and subsequent consecutive years to a student in Valley Heights Secondary School, Delhi District Secondary School, Simcoe Composite School, Waterford District High School and Holy Trinity Catholic High School and repeats in that fashion.

Justice Pringle Award Recipients

1998/99 Amber Baxter (Port Dover Composite School)
1999/00 Jason Smith (Valley Heights Secondary School)
2000/01 Stacey Rodrigues (Delhi District Secondary School)
2001/02 Lena Dover (Simcoe Composite School)
2002/03 Tim Hudson (Waterford District High School)
2003/04 Myles Grant (Holy Trinity Catholic High School)
2004/05 Kayla Keefer (Port Dover Composite School)
2005/06 Amy Barnim (Valley Heights Secondary School)
2006/07 Alan Geerts (Delhi District Secondary School)
2007/08 Cam Showler (Simcoe Composite School)
2008/09 Katie Kloepfer (Waterford District High School)
2009/10 Joseph Schipper (Holy Trinity Catholic High School)
2010/11 Joshua Herter (Port Dover Composite School)
2011/12 Savannah Shea (Valley Heights Secondary School)
2012/13 Erin Pecceu (Delhi District Secondary School)
2013/14 Caleb Loft (Simcoe Composite School)
2014/15 Jessica Dinner (Waterford District High School)
2015/16 Alexandra Marlene Nunn (Valley Heights Secondary School)
2016/17 Cassandra Curado (Holy Trinity Catholic High School)
2017/18 Daryann Huggins (Delhi District Secondary School)
2018/19 Benjamin Morrison (Simcoe Composite School)
2019/20 Bridgette Patriquin (Waterford District High School)
2020/21 Hanna Pacheco (Holy Trinity Catholic High School)
2021/22 Melissa Knelson (Valley Heights Secondary School)
2022/23 Reese Godelie (Delhi District Secondary School)